Killarney (Irish Cill Airne, „The Church of the Sloes“) is a town of 14,504 inhabitants (2016) in County Kerry in the south-west of the Republic of Ireland.

And there was once a church – the Schlebuscher church – in Schlebuschrath („-Rath“ = clearing)
Wikipedia writes to Schlebuschrath:
The first signs of settlement in the area were discovered around 900 AD with the excavation of several moth mounds. These could have already hinted at the development of the place as a knight’s seat and parish.
In the 12th century a series of deforestations can be seen in the surrounding area. This was created by the new settlement activity, which in turn was triggered by the settlement of new monastic orders in the area. The forest along the Dhünn, in which Schlebuschrath lies, was known at that time as Schlehenbusch or Schliebusch. Schlebuschrath was first mentioned in documents in 1174. Around Schlebuschrath several knight seats can be detected, such as the one from the first documentary mention, which is referred to as knight „Arnoldus de Rode“. But also the knights of Schlebusch in 16th century and later the knight seat Morsbroich can be assigned to this.
(Today: Schlebusch is a district of the city Leverkusen.) On an area of ​​1031 ha it has 26.149 inhabitants)

Emblem of Killarney
Emblem of Leverkusen